What Industry Experts & Leaders Are Saying About Jimmy Le...

From college drop out to six figure earner, Jimmy has attracted industry leaders around the globe with his passion for team culture, desire for win, and top team building efforts. Find out exactly what these guru’s have to say about his success and expertise:

 Jimmy is an outstanding and exemplary leader in the network marketing profession – he has the ability to inspire people because of his amazing work ethic and tenancy to adapt, change and persist until the work is done. I admire Jimmy because he never settles for good and strives for great and demands the same of the people she coaches – you would be lucky to have Jimmy help you create your wealth!




Nick Sarnicola VI Co-Founder & CEO (nicksarnicola.com&thepowercouple.com)

  We’ve had the pleasure of working with Jimmy for 5 years now, and this man continues to amaze us daily! His unquenchable thirst for knowledge, insane focus, work ethic, great personality, and deep desire to help other people have lasting change and success is so incredible to watch.

He is consistently learning, growing and teaching. This man has an unbelievable future ahead of him as an entrepreneur, and anyone that partners with him will be gaining an extraordinary mentor. I’m honored to have Jimmy in my life as a friend, leader and mentor!!

Matt & Johnna Parr, Multi-Million Dollar Earners (http://www.mattandjohnnaparr.com)


 Industry titan.

Why? Because he goes above and beyond of his team. His competency in building out systems, teams and his understanding of the industry is bar-none. I have had the pleasure of working alongside Jimmy for over 4 years now each and every conversation or training call I continue to learn from him.

Ernest Ross, Personal Trainer, Million Dollar Earner & 2X MVP


  Jimmy has been a huge inspiration, coach and mentor to not only me personally but to the industry of Network Marketing.

Anyone who has met Jimmy, quickly realizes his dedication to his career and in helping others to succeed.  I continuously witness Jimmy at work by pouring his heart into teaching others the necessary skills to create success.  Not only in this industry but in other areas of life.

He works very hard but she also knows how to have fun and create balance in her life.

Although he is young in years, he demonstrates years of knowledge and experience and I am grateful to know Jimmy and to be a business partner. Jimmy will most certainly be one of the great legends in this industry!

Jenny Lynn, (www.jennylynnfitness.com) 7-Figure Networker & Fitness Icon winning IFBB 12X and Arnold Classic 3X


 Jimmy is a breath of fresh air in the network marketing industry. His style of teaching is one that every newbie should learn from….and every top-earner should be inspired by. He’s candid. He’s top-shelf. And He’s got a heart for people. This course would have saved me so much time, trouble and frustration when I first got started in this profession. And the only thing that makes it more amazing is that he probably produced the entire course while simultaneously running on a treadmill and eating a plate of fruit….

Tony & Rhonda Lucero “MOJO”, (http://rhondaandtony.com/) 7 Figure Network Marketers


 Jimmy Le is an incredible leader who at his young age has accomplished more than most of us would dream possible. I have been blessed  to have him as my friend and mentor for the past four years.   The skills he has taught me that I put into my day to day practice has resulted into a solid six figure income.

He exemplifies all the best qualities of a leader in this profession with pure class. Jimmy leads with heart, vision, humility and most importantly integrity.

Brandon Janous , (facebook.com/brandon.janous) Six-figure Networker

ashley.jpg I’ve been blessed to call Jimmy a dear friend and business partner for over 6 years. I admire that despite his incredible success story, he remains humble and grounded in his faith and operates on integrity at the highest level.

His ability to train, lead, speak and coach is all brought on by personal experience. He is a NOW leader, meaning in the trenches doing the work. He will never deliver a training that he hasn’t personally tested himself, and more importantly received a killer result from.

To get the opportunity to work with jLe is a gift, one that I am grateful for. He is the real deal, and if you get the chance to work with him, you’ll walk away changed for the better.

Ashley Sarnicola, (www.thepowercouple.com) 7 Figure Earning Mompreneur